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Preschool Program

"Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.” – Jess Lair
Empire Preschool offers Infant Program for ages 3 months and up and Preschool program for ages 2-5 years old students. We are English and Mandarin bilingual school that fosters natural language learning. The goals of the program are to are to provide opportunities for children to investigate, extend their sense of wonder, experience success, become physical independent and develop a positive attitude toward learning.
Infant...3 months and up  嬰兒

Our infants explore the world, develop early language and establish autonomy. We strive to provide a safe, sensorial, multidiscipline environment to support our infants to make connections with their surrounding, teachers and friends.​

Koala... 2 Years Old     無尾熊

Our Koalas learn to follow routines, develop gross motor skills, explore environments and become physically independent. In Mandarin language development, Koalas learn to sing songs and rhymes and acquire the classroom language. 

Cub...Three Years Old   幼熊班


Our Cubs learn to follow rules and routines, develop fine motor skills, engage in making friends and become physically independent. In Mandarin language development, Cubs learn to sing songs and rhymes, know numbers, colors, and demonstrate classroom language in listening and speaking. In writing, Cubs will learn to create pictures to convey thoughts or feelings and experiment in using symbols and patterns engaging in early attempts at writing.

Panda...4 Years Old 小熊貓


Our Pandas are well prepared for kindergarten with skills in following rules and routines, fine motor skills, and more importantly a positive attitude toward learning.  Our Pandas have growing vocabulary in Mandarin to express thoughts, ideas and feelings with increased confidence and fluency. In writing, our Pandas learn to write their names, numbers, and sight words in Mandarin.

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